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Талисман и стадионы ЧМ-2014

Талисман турнираТалисманом турнира в Бразилии является веселый броненосец с интересным именем – Фулеко. Это необычное имя было получено путем сочетания таких слов как “футбол” и “экология”. Таким образом организаторы чемпионата надеются привлечь как можно больше внимания к очень серьезной проблеме вымирания популяции броненосцев на территории Южной Америки. (more…)

Двадцатый чемпионат мира по футболу стартует в Бразилии

Чемпионат Мира в Бразилии 2014В Бразилии сейчас стартует двадцатый чемпионат мира по футболу. Он будет проходить чуть больше месяца, а именно с двенадцатого июня по тринадцатое июля. Тридцать две национальные сборные будут бороться в течение месяца за почетное звание самой сильной футбольной команды в мире.

Согласно известному принципу ФИФА о постоянной ротации континентов, Чемпионат Мира 2014 должен был проходить в одной из стран Южной Америки, но интересным является тот факт, что Бразилия оказалась практически единственным кандидатом. (more…)

Kartina TV Internet online

Television and the Internet are important parts of life and we spend a lot of time with them. We look at the global and local news in the morning to wake up and look at the series in the evening to relax. But even televisions are going to pass. Why do we need to buy a giant monster plasma, when it is so convenient Kartina watch online on your computer screen.

You can watch videos on the Internet is not only easy, something simple and attractive. It also has permanent access to the largest selection of TV channels. And if you have an Internet connection, television interference or bad weather does not bother to watch Kartina TV. Thank you for your continued Internet does not have to worry about the ability to signal, or is difficult. You can also select any TV show or movie from any date in a variety of services such as Kartina and many others.

10-15 years ago it was a difficult case, because a user would pay a lot of money for internet access. Now we all have unlimited access to the global Internet broadband, so it’s not a problem. It is very annoying and difficult to see Russian films at low speed when downloading services will be massive. Nobody wants to wait for the connection and charging. But these things are familiar, and we’re not talking about something more basic.

It is best to see through the most important resources where you can enjoy online resources. You can find some Russian films on the pages of websites, where these services are well developed. They offer a lot of movies, series, television channels in an open access. The resource is the most popular KARTINATV , published some years ago. But there are also Cast memo with a lot of movies. It is best to see through the website to choose the most suitable.

Sometimes we want to escape from the hustle and routines, and enter the world of one of the joys and things to adrenaline or simply relax by watching movies fun. If you prefer films in Russia, you will be happy to find some resources that give you the opportunity to watch Russian TV online. Here you can select the necessary part, as a detective, thriller, comedy or talk shows. We should also mention the series. It ‘s so hard for fans to wait for the next period. Free Russian TV that gives you the opportunity to receive information immediately.

Even movies with anyone. Kartina offers the opportunity to find a good movie for those who love romantic movies, documentaries or genre or historical images. There are a lot of closed sections of the Russian film. It helps you keep in touch with Russian culture abroad and to connect people of different ages and interests.